Schools Where Your Future Lies

Pharmacy SchoolsRegardless of what career you’ve chosen, the right education can make all the difference between success and failure. Choosing the right school is an important decision that will impact the rest of your life. Here are some of the top rated schools for both occupational therapy and pharmacy

Occupational Therapy Schools

Job Description

Occupational therapists assist people with physical, mental or social disabilities so that they can live independently and carryout everyday occupations and tasks. They create individual treatment programs so that people can live with more confidence and independence. Salaried can range from $55,000 to $65,000, depending upon experience and location. Responsibilities include:

  • Creating a personalized treatment program based on a patient’s requirements and needs.
  • Advising on specialized equipment that may assist the patient with independent living
  • Developing a rehabilitation program for patients
  • Provide ongoing support

    Top Rated Schools

Students rated several categories such as campus safety, diversity, education quality, financial aid, faculty accessibility and support and academic competitiveness.

  • Washington University in St. Louis: This University has an overall rating of 9.25 out of 10 and has a highly respected reputation as top educator for occupational therapy programs.
  • Huntington University: This University was rated 9.20 by students. This school offers an outstanding combination of coursework and field placements/residency programs.
  • Stony Brook University, SUNY: Rated as a 9.15 by student, this University offers the very best in education programs and overall student social activities. The cost of living could be an issue for some students, however.

Pharmacy Schools

Job Description

A pharmacist is a rewarding career, both personally and financially. Salaries have a starting rate of $100,000 in some locations. Pharmacists can start out by working in drug stores, and eventually open their own pharmacy, which could demand even higher pay. Duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist include:

  • Prepare medications for patients as per physician’s orders
  • Detect therapeutic incompatibilities
  • Dispense medications by compounding, packaging and then labeling pharmaceuticals
  • Monitor drug therapies
  • Advise patients if any interventions are needed

Top Rated Schools

Admissions exams are needed in order to be accepted at these and other institutions. Once you graduate from the institution, you will need to complete a licensing exam. There will be several courses needed over the course of your career to keep up with your skills and knowledge. Most of these are 4-year programs.

  • Purdue College of Pharmacy: This is one of the highest ranked pharmacy programs in the U.S. Students are prepared for their pharmacy career and the University has a reputation for a high graduate placement.
  • University of Wisconsin (Madison): This University offers programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. They also offer continuing education and professional development courses.
  • University of Illinois (Chicago): The curriculum focuses on patient-centered care and also provides a fundamental education of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Both occupational therapists and pharmacists enjoy immense satisfaction from their careers in the health-care field. It requires patience, skill and in-depth training, but they are extremely rewarding and well-regarded occupations. Choose your University wisely and do your research before making any final decisions.