Being sent to work in Singapore was a working vacation for me

Singapore 5Last year I travelled to Singapore with a few other workmates for a business trip. We were to do some study on how our products were performing on this vibrant city state. The plan was to stay at least two weeks within which time we would be able to cover most of the most prominent cities. The company had sent six of us. Three pairs of a lady and a gentleman. Each pair was to work independently and we would meet each evening to compare our findings and write a report.

I was excited by the visit, and so were my other colleagues. For me, this would be a working vacation. One reason for this was that work at the office had become so stressful that a break from the day to day monotony was very much welcome. Another reason, just like all the rest of the other team members, apart from one lady who had visited China before, this would be our first time to Asia.

Visiting a new place is always fun. Any human being is curious to know what happens in the other parts of the world where he or she has never been to. It is always fun to see unfamiliar natural features and wildlife in other countries.

Singapore was a great destination that provided all these attractions.

Singapore is a state that has a mixture of all kinds of cultures. There are the populous Malays, Chinese, Indians, and the small groups of multiple other cultures from all around the world including westerners, Arabs and Africans.

In the past, many cultures convened in this beautiful island due to the strategic placement of the island that allowed ships from all around the world to come in with all kinds of cargo that could be traded conveniently on the island with other merchants from around the world.

This intermingling of cultures is still vibrant today. Singapore is one of the places in the world where you can find all kinds of assorted products from all around the world including silks and rugs from the orients, artifacts from all around the world, souvenirs from Africa, plus modern designer wear clothes and jewelry.

When we got to Singapore, we were fortunate to have had the company organize a travel escort that had already booked some hotel rooms for us. The jovial Chinese gentleman who was responsible for our stay however informed us that for the subsequent days during our stay in Singapore, we could choose to lodge in cheaper accommodation that could save us some money that could be used for shopping.

He informed us that in Singapore there were many rooms available for temporary rent that provided one with excellent living conditions while helping one to save a lot of money.

He for example told us of the popular common rooms for rent in Singapore that could hold two people or more. The rooms provided all the necessary facilities necessary for a short stay and they helped the individuals get a better experience of life in Singapore.