Singapore the perfect entry point into the Asian world

monumental trip

When you are visiting a place for the first time, there is always the chance of being overwhelmed with the unfamiliarity of the new environment. It can especially tough for someone who does not have a local guide.

I am an adventurous guy. I like exploring and puzzling things out by myself. That little fear that I might get lost gives me an adrenaline rush. I also get a lot of pleasure when I manage to conquer new obstacles. One of the obstacles that I like to overcome is conquering new unfamiliar environments. Due to this passion, I naturally love to travel to new unfamiliar places.

During my last vacation, I travelled to Singapore. It was my first visit to Asia and so it was a monumental trip. I had chosen Singapore to be my first destination in Asia before venturing into the other countries because Singapore promised to provide a good starting point in understanding the Asian cultures.

Understanding the people’s culture is very important in familiarizing with any new place. In Singapore, there was the advantage of the state having English as a national language. As such, communication would be much easier. With easy communication, it would be easy to learn the ways of the Asian people. Apart from having a common understandable language, Singapore has a population that is predominantly made up of three Asiatic cultures, i.e. Malays, Chinese, and Indians. Having all these cultures in one pot, where they all speak one language, would be a good place to study them.

Singapore is a city state that is accustomed to many visitors who come in for business trips, tourism, students, expatriates, and immigrants. As such, I knew that it would be easy for me to get basic facilities necessary for a short stay. One of these was housing. Since my purpose was to visit as a tourist keen on learning the ways of life in this new environment, I had to live intimately with the people. Hotel rooms would not be ideal.

Singapore is a place where visitors can get great room rentals from some of the numerous HDB flats where the locals live. Some of the locals own houses that have rooms that are not in use such as common rooms or master rooms. Instead of having the rooms lie idle, they rent out the rooms for short intervals and earn some extra money.

I plan to live in some of these short term rental rooms during my entire stay in Singapore. I might first have to stay at a hotel for a day or two before I can get a room. If I cannot get a room by myself within the first two days, then I will use one of the real estate agents. I can easily get a real estate agent in whichever city I am through searching the internet or simply inquiring from some of the taxi guys.

This is another thing with Singapore, transportation in Singapore is quite flexible. One can use the MRT services that interconnect the whole island. One can also use the bus services or use taxis or uber services for more personalized transport services.