Moving out from home and getting my first rented residence


Moving out from home was a major phase in my life that I had anticipated for many years. I longed for the day that I would be able to be an independent self-sufficient man. Not that home was so bad, although it was not very good either, but I just wanted to get to a place where I could prove my own abilities.

Our home was a nice place albeit being a bit cramped. My father was a civil worker working within the township. His earnings were not high enough to provide a comfortable life for us. As such, we had to squeeze in our small house. Our house had three bedrooms. We the boys had what was ideally built as a master bedroom due to its bigger size. We were four brothers so the room was in the end still not big enough. My sisters took the smallest room in the house. Luckily they are only two. My parents took the other room.

Since I was the first born, it was obvious that I would be the first to move out. My moving out was therefore not only eagerly anticipated by me, but also by my rapidly growing brothers who appreciated some more breathing space in their room.

I could only move out from my childhood home once I had acquired a job. Luckily, due to my dedication to my studies, I got very good grades in college and was quickly employed by the first company where I applied for a job.

The company was about an hour away on the MRT from home and so it would be uneconomical to commute daily. This compounded my need to get a house nearer to my work place.

I was not choosy. Any residence, so long as it would be near my work place and it would provide all the basic facilities would be ideal for me.

Getting a house for myself was proving to be tricky and since I did not want to resort to seeking the services of real estate agents who would make me incur extra costs, I decided to seek for a temporary room that I could rent for some time while I continued with my search for a proper apartment.

One of the important aspects that I considered as I continued for my search included the cost of the room or house. Since I was just starting out in employment, I did not have a huge salary and could not afford an expensive residence. I also needed to buy household items which were a further burden to my wages.

I finally managed to come across a young gentleman who was renting out his master room. He was a bachelor who was also but a few months into his first job. He had recently managed to get the new house and he had decided to rent off the master room which would help him earn some extra money. I decided this would be an ideal place for me to have my first new home.