Visiting Singapore gave me a priceless introduction to the marvels of travel

marvels of travel

Singapore is a marvelous city to live in. I lived there for about two years when I was working there for a company project which had necessitated that I work from there. At first, I had not been very eager about moving out to the unfamiliar land.

I was not a fan of travelling. I had actually never travelled much apart from job related travel in short work related trips once to France and to twice to Turkey. During these visits, I had all the time been within the company schedule which was all but meeting after meeting. At the end of the meetings, I had been more than content to relax in the five star hotels which the company had booked for me.

Even locally I had not travelled much. My first out of state travel was after college when I had got this job and I had to move to the company headquarters where I was stationed.

Due to my inexperience in travel, I was quite apprehensive about moving to new places. I was not sure that I would be able to cope with all the unfamiliarity.

When I got the memo that I would be needed to work two years in Singapore, I could not refuse. The project was in a crucial phase. The work in Singapore needed to be done and I was the only one who could do it. Reluctantly I had to accept.

When I got to Singapore, I was left wondering what my worry had been all about. I integrated with the Singaporean cultures so fast that within a few days I was feeling quite at home.

My rapid integration with the city’s lifestyle was hugely due to a few factors. Top among them was the great welcoming spirit of the Singaporean people.

Everybody I met was very friendly and willing to afford me extra courtesy especially after they realized I was a foreigner. All the people whom I was to work with were very co-operative and I wondered why I had been so keen on bracing myself for lots of resistance.

One of the major reasons that made Singapore an easy place to adapt to is the fact that the people in Singapore speak English and the western cultures have permeated into the state’s society in a great deal. As such it was quite easy for me.

I was also fascinated by the marvels that the country provided that made my stay all the more enjoyable. The many cultures thriving in their traditional customs were a new experience for me. I enjoyed leaning more about them and experiencing their ways. One of the great ways that I was able to experience these cultures was in their exotic cuisines.

I visited some of the best buffets in Singapore where I sampled all kinds of tasty cuisines from the Malaysian cultures, Chinese cultures, Indian cultures and other assorted cultures from all around the world.

Apart from the cultures, I enjoyed visiting Singapore’s tourist attraction sites including their nature reserves, museums, shopping malls, amusement parks, and wildlife sanctuaries.